tips and tricks to prolong the freshness of your plants and flowers

Bouquets Arrangements (Fresh)

Received your Flowers in a nicely arranged bouquet?

Lets keep it lasting. Generally we provide an aqua bag at the bottom of your received bouquet. Here are some tips on how you can make them last longer!

General rule of thumb
1) Transfer your bouquet to a vase!
2) Trim the stems at a 45 degree angle (for water absorption)
3) Add water and flower food and remove extra leaves to ensure they are above the water line.
4) Change water every 2-3 days or when water is murky
5) Place them somewhere cool. Avoid heat and direct sunlight!

Bouquets Arrangements (Preserved/Dried)

Received your Flowers in a nicely arranged bouquet?

For Dried and Preserved arrangements and gifts, they have been pre treated and dried.

1) Keep them away from direct sunlight and humid conditions
2) Refrain from adding any form of moisture to the arrangement

Preserved Flowers have an estimated life of 6-12 months!


Trim stems at an angle, fill vase with cold water. Change water every 2-3 days or when water is murky while ensuring extra leaves does not touch water. Use Flower Food if provided!

Recutting the stems at an angle and removing extra leaves when refreshing your arrangement will give your roses a longer vase life!

Spray Roses
Spray Roses have thinner stems and petite in nature compared to regular roses. This requies their ends to be trimmed at a 45 degree angle for proper hydration

Keep extra leaves above the waterline and change water every 2-3 days for healthy blooms

Roses beginning to wilt? You may be able to revive them!
Trim about an inch or more from the bottom of its stem and submerge the entire rose under water in a sink. Allow the stem to absorb water for about 1/2 hour to 1 hour before returning to their vase.


Tiny bulbs that blooms huge. For proper water absorption, trim the bottom before placing them into their vase.

Peonies bloom at different speeds and upon fully open, last about 2 days on average.

Peonies are known to cause some reaction in pets if ingested, do make sure to keep it out of pet's reach!


Depending on your gift style, we deliver them in closed and open bud forms. Trim ends at an angle to fit the vase for support and change water every 2-3 days or when water is murky.

Display away from sunlight in cool area

If they are delivered in close buds, adding warm water to vase can help speed up blooming

Gerbera flowers


Bright and colourful, Gerbera can be shipped with protective caps, remove caps from the bottom of stems. Daisies are top heavy flowers that needs to be trimmed for vase support. Trim them 4" from the top of the vase to prevent drooping!

Gerbera flowers


Carnations need lots of water (with flower food) with frequent water change (every 2-3 days). Trim ends and ensure leaves are not touching the vase water. 

Recommend to trim 4 Inches above the rim of vase to prevent drooping.

Need your carnations to bloom faster? Use warm water to speed up the process!

Gerbera flowers


Sunflowers are top-heavy in nature. They need to be cut to ensure stems are supported by the vase to prevent drooping. 

Bright and indirect sunlight environment is recommended!

Change water every 2-3 days

Are your sunflowers droopy? Make sure they are not too tall for your vase as they are top-heavy! Cut stem to shorten to allow vase to support on stand straight and watch them bloom!